Postdoc position on “Free-Form Scattering Optics”

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Academic staff - Postdoc

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Postdoc position on “Free-Form Scattering Optics”

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The research program “Free-form Scattering Optics” (FFSO) strives to gain physical understanding of complex light scattering geometries for applications in green energy, climate change, internet-of-things, sustainability and security. Currently, high-tech industry is developing many novel devices that combine light scattering with free-form optics, such as LED lighting, miniaturized satellites, and metrology equipment for semiconductor industry. Due to a lack of fundamental know-how on the combination of the technologies, devices are designed by educated guesses, which limits progress and applications. Our program unites traditionally distinct technologies with a hierarchy of length scales ranging from the microscopic to the macroscopic. We develop insights, design rules and new architectures for free-form scattering optics to allow breakthroughs in domains described above. The FFSO program is a close collaboration of the TUs of Twente, Eindhoven, and Delft. FFSO directly taps into the strengths of collaborating high-tech industry (ASML, Demcon, Lumileds, Schott, Signify, TNO) and educates a new generation of highly skilled professionals.

In this particular subproject we will look at novel temperature-compensated scattering media and at deterministic scattering media made by direct laser writing.

You will be part of the new Adaptive Quantum Optics chair (AQO) in the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechology, led by prof. Pepijn Pinkse, in collaboration with other members of the FFSO team.


We look for a candidate who has been trained as a physicist or engineer. Expertise in optics is essential and know-how of light scattering and/or nanofabrication techniques, in particular direct laser writing, is a bonus. The candidate should be able to design, perform and analyse experiments. Candidates are proficient in English, are good communicators and team players, and enjoy interdisciplinary collaborations with scientists from high-tech industry.


We offer

  •  Excellent and dynamic environment for researchers within our research institute MESA+ (, an attractive campus and lots of facilities for sports and leisure;
  • You will be appointed for 18-24 months as a postdoc researcher.
  •  Terms of employment in accordance with Dutch Collective Labour Agreement for Universities (CAO), include:
  • Gross salary: ranging from € 3.353 to € 4.402 per month, depending on your background, relevant experience and qualifications, in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement (CAO) of the Dutch Universities.
  •  8% holiday allowance and 8.3% year-end bonus (approximately corresponding to 14 months’ salary per annum); A pension scheme that is part of the world-famous Dutch pension system.

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Your applications ideally consist of the following documents:

-A motivation letter describing why you want to apply for this position.
-Description of your research interests.
-A detailed CV including a list of your publications
-Email addresses of at least two references who are willing to send a letter of recommendation on your behalf.

For inquiries about this position and our offer you can contact prof. dr. Pepijn Pinkse (

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Nederland, Enschede, Drienerlolaan 5, 7522 NB


Drienerlolaan 5 7522 NB Enschede

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6. Doctorate

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  • Natural sciences
  • Engineering